Reusing vs Recycling

Brief: Create an infographic based on an environmental issue: reusing, that doesn't add to the data glut.

Solution: Comparing reusing and recycling as the books' thickness and style. Making two flip books for recycling book with recycled paper and for reusing book reused paper.
Hard cover of recycling book shows how much recycling is more expensive than reusing paperback book. Also Hardcover flip book is not easy as paperback cover flip book.

Issue: Recycling is good but it is more expensive and complicate process than reusing. Not many people are actually reusing it and feel good with just doing recycling. Purpose of this project is to make people be aware of reusing. Making objects as an information design.

Contents: process of the recycling and reusing with illustration and photographs.

:Comparing reusing and recycling. :Comparing reusing and recycling. paperback cover,paper reused. hardcover, recycled paper.  

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Flip books as an information object - :Comparing reusing and recycling.