One and many books: homage to Joseph Kosuth

An experimentation about how to define things through various mediums.

The project is an ongoing research and experimental project, inspired by the conceptual art One and Three Chairs by Joseph Kosuth (1965). The intention is to experiment about how the contents change through journey of various mediums and to understand what is right medium for the contents or does it even exist? When the contents are translated to different medium, what should be remained and removed? I took four books from my previous project empty books to start this experimental project.

This is a vague original plan for the experiment:
start from my books (selecting 4 empty books)
photograph it (image)
describe it (text)
read out loud
record the sound
record video
go far as much as I can
make a book about the book and the process

The publication is an ongoing publication in relation to the installation of the project. How far I can go? The installation is an ongoing and the first will be placed at CSM Degree Show in London on 18–23 June 2013.

SOUNDOFBOOKS from Hyunho Choi on Vimeo.