Memories from Great War 1914-18

Identity discs and personal belongings in First World War

Make an art work inspired from First World War. Live brief.

Idea & inspiration: Losing personality in the war. Many of soldiers did not even know why they fight and who exactly they were fighting against. These collected identity discs and personal belongings only have their personality and identities. Personal belongings such as shave knives, watches, brushes, etc., show us how they lived in everyday life in the first world war. Signatures were made by soldier’s hand so every signage has different letterings, sizes and colours. These were important to survive and communicate while they fight.
Size: 330 x 483 mm
Screen print on Somerset satin 225gsm


Artwork exhibited at OXO tower gallery, Swiss Cottage Library in London, and around europe including belgium.
Screen Print on somerset paper.        

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Exhibiting at OXO tower gallery - Screen Print on somerset paper.