Big thouLittle Thought: Worries will be gone

Worry will be gone.

A ninety seconds short film of blew up the balloon and popped it. Using balloons
as metaphorical objects for worries. Showing my worries on the balloons and how
do I feel with my worries.

Replace your worries.

Big thought: An A1 poster. Using magnets to replace worries. While replacing
the worries, people were actually quite enjoying at their worries.

Balloon sequence.Balloon sequence.   A1 poster.“Replace your worries.”A1 poster.“Replace your worries.”   How to replace your worries.How to replace your worries.   Process of writing your worries.Process of writing your worries.   Process of making A1 poster.Process of making A1 poster.   PeoplePeople's responses. BrickLane