Jaime Gili: Repetition offers a conceptualist approach to the formalist genre of the artist monograph. Designed during a workshop about the book as a curatorial space, readers can experience Gili's work from different angles as the paintings transform and travel across consecutive pages.
The book contains an interview between Jaime Gili and Pablo León de la Barra. During the course of discussion, ideas are exchanged about the integration of art and architecture in relation to Gili's evolution and international recognition, including a recent commission for one of the world's largest murals painted on industrial storage tanks in Portland, Maine.

Edition of 500
84 pages
135 x 190mm (5.31 x 7.48 inches)
English and Spanish
ISBN 978-0-9573509-0-8
Design: Hyunho Choi
Editors: Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees

Photo © by Yvan Martines and Joshua Trees, Booksfromthefuture↵


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