Freud: first sentences / Freud: poetry

How we organize knowledge / how do words related each other on the page

At first glance, we look at the cover of a book but not its first page. A question came up: “How can we read a book about Freud by reading the first sentences of all the different books that relate to Freud?” You can start to read this book from any page you like – or any sentence – and stop wherever or whenever you like. It suggests an experience of being in the library where we can start in the middle of the library or wherever we want to. And also each sentence in this book represents a connection between those books in the same shelf in the library because their sentences relate to one another somehow.

Freud: first sentences

This idea came from the Consequences game: the idea of giving up choices. The project starts out that way: taking first sentence of every book in a particular section (Freud) of the library (Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design); writing down whatever that first sentence is; presenting those sentences in the order of books as they were in the shelf.
An unexpected story or conversation (although it doesn’t necessarily make sense) comes out of this activity, similar to surrealists’ activities. Think of each book on the shelf as a person and each one speaks one sentence, then you can imagine that those books are playing the Consequences game.

Freud: poetry

How do words related each other on the page? What meaning is generated?
Questioning an ability to make connection between things. It investigates and explores how we put together information & how we understand things. Based on the book, Freud: First sentences, this work has been created out of the wordplay – by subjectively but unconsciously selecting one word out of each sentence (to rule of selecting grammatically correct) – which creates unusual poetry on Freud. This activity can be done several times in various ways and anyone who wants to do can do, and every time it will be different outcomes. And also this will create connections infinitely between each book that is created.