Hyunho Choi
London, UK
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Designer Statement:
No intention intended. Intendedly no intention.
My design comes from posing simple questions; having conversations with myself through those questions; expressing my thoughts; thinking out loud; questioning one onto another. Questioning, not to get an answer, but to move to another question: and I work towards to approach to design – especially to approach ‘conceptual design’ that gives different experience and views in ordinary things.

My main questions of my journey starts from here:
• What is real? How to express a thing? How to express reality? – through reinterpretation or representation? Reinterpreted and represented: which one is true?
• How things relate each other? What is a meaning of contradiction and paradox of surroundings between what we see and what we know it is?
• What we see? How we see? What comes out?

Intuition: designer as artist – who seemingly doesn’t know what they are doing, but well not really.
Learning from the work; What to go & where to go is in the work; Work tells me where to go, work influence where to go... – Larry Bell, 2013
I can’t explain it (his works) using words; Knowing through making it; I don’t know what i am doing with my work. Later I knew what i was doing, but not really, you know. – Martin Creed, 2013
I follow my instincts, but in a disciplined way. – Roman Polanski

Seoul, (Korea), Reinterpreted Representation, Grigo Gallery, April 2016 – May 2016 (Solo Exhibition)
Tokyo, (Japan), The Tokyo Art Book Fair, Kyoto University of Art and Design, September 2015
Seoul, (Korea), Seoul Illustration Fair, COEX Exhibition Hall D, August 2015
Seoul, (Korea), 6th Unlimited Edition, NEMO Bluesqure, November 2014
Seoul, (Korea), Confession, EWHA Womans University ECC Gallery, December 2013 – January 2014
London, (UK), EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Noir, The Music Room, October 2013
London, (UK), Silent Poster Sale, St. Bride Library, May 2012
London, (UK), The First and the Last, Gallery@oxo, December 2011
London, (UK), D&AD New Blood, Old Truman Brewery, July 2011

Seoul, (Korea), Alphabet book, Published by Esoop Publishing, August 2016
London, (UK), Thought Experiments in Graphic Design Education, Published by booksfromthefuture, 2013 (participation)
London, (UK), The Multiple Lives of a Blank Book, Published by booksfromthefuture, 2015 (participation)